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Grooming for dogs-sake- Why dog grooming is so important.

Grooming may make our dogs smell lovely and look fabulous but did you know it goes way beyond a beautiful cut? Here are just a few reasons dog grooming can be so important.


Health Checks

Here at Pooch-a-Rama we perform a 7 point body check on your dog before we even begin. This will include checking their: eyes, ears, skin, teeth, gums, nails and rear. This can highlight health concerns with your dog so that the groomer is always aware whilst grooming. These health checks very often pick up things that an owner can be unaware of such as lumps and wounds and aid us in offering advice.


Preventing Matts & Knots

Dog brushing regularly can be very important and also rewarding for both dog and owner. However, regular maintenance especially of long or thick coated breeds can be hard work. As groomers we are always happy to help whether it be regular tidy ups or just a little advise your furry friend is always welcome. Matts can over time become uncomfortable,cause pain,create discomfort,tear the skin, cut blood circulation, restrict movement,cause skin irritations and contrary to popular beleif we do not enjoy having to clip dogs off right to the skin.




Keep Nails Trimmed

All dogs should have their nails checked and/or clipped regularly so that they don’t get too long. If they get too long they can cause injuries to themselves and their owners. The cutting procedures when done correctly are painless and take minutes.



As much as dogs like to make us believe they love being filthy....a clean dog is a happy dog. Regular washes to get rid of excess dirt, grease, fur skin and the odd stickle ball promotes good health and keep the home smelly far less doggy.


Getting Used To Being Handled

Grooming gets a dog used to being handled. It’s a good idea to get your dog used to grooming from a young age so they can enjoy their experience with us each and every visit.



The grooming process will usually help to identify any parasites lurking on your dog such as ticks and fleas