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Man of the Manor...Muffin

The Grand Master of Mayhem


Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Age: 13 and counting


Loves: Squeeky toys and killing them! Also cuddles and squishy treats


Hates: Not having his squeeky toys, combs, cats, and scary fireworks


Can be found playing amateur football round the parlour and singingyou the song of his people when you come to visit .

Lady Tracey 

Little Miss Snoozy


Breed: Long-Haired Chihuahua

Age: A lady never tells!!


Loves: Food glorious food, cuddles

and sleep


Hates: Boring foods, the cold, being awoken

from slumbers, and the bath


Can be found snoring away in many of her

cosy beds, or cuddled up in someones arms.

Miss Ellie-Belle

The Not-so-Regal Rommie Rescue

Breed: English Springer X English Cocker X Border Collie

Age: 9 and going strong


Loves: Fish, fish flavoured food, sleep, and rolling in the


Hates: Baths, haircuts, cats, storms and fireworks


Can be found snoozing away in the corner near Lady Tracey,

or lounging on the cool tiles watching

Muffin play football.

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Sultry Sooty

The Speedy snack snatcher


Breed: Greyhound


Loves: Sleeping, food and stealing food, playing with her toys and plenty of



Hates: Fireworks, loud noises and cats.


Can be found stealing all the good snackos and hogging all the bed space.